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The TRUTH About Crosley

Do Crosley turntables suck? I bought one to find out.

The Best Turntable You Can Buy:\u0026t=74s

The video that started it all, Vinyl Sucks:\u0026t=197s


Crosley C6:
U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus:


Filmed with:
Panasonic G9:
Viltrox EF-M43 Speedbooster:
Canon 24-105 f4 L Lens:
Aputure 120D MkII:
Rocker 75 : CROSLEY makes very good things and rubbish. Simple as that.
A Keke Story : Crosley is pretty good as a speaker to me
Occams Razor : Keep in mind, a very cheap cartridge will destroy your records.
Jerry Crow : Yea, the technology is ancient and so so simple, so why would this suck? Modern casette decks suck for real, but fucking up what is literally a straight leadpair from a needle requires something else. The key is a tube preamp, and you can just plug one in right here.
Alan Senzaki : It's always about the music. My first turntable was a general electric all metal portable with fold out speakers. It got me started into the world of music and jazz. I played my miles davis kind of blue, bill evans portrait in jazz and dave brubecks time out. That was in the early sixties. In later years i had oracle, vandersteen, audio research, smeV you said it starts by enjoying your music and your system!

TOP 5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Crosley!

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Fluance RT85 Turntable:
LP - 120X Turntable:
Record Cleaning Kit:
Carrying Case:
Klipsch Speakers:
Yamaha Receiver:
Pioneer Subwoofer:
Record Needle:
THICK Cork Mat:
Surge Protector:
LED DeskLamp:
Inner Sleeves:
Outer Sleeves:
Anti-Static Brush:
Record Shelf:
3M Dual LOCK:
Velcro Cable Ties:




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Keep Spinning That Vinyl!

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Kenneth Salyers : I've had one for 7 years. It works great and sounds great. Never had any problems with it
Jim Halpert : I have a victrola record player that looks identical to that Crosley. It's motor broke and five months after we got another one the it stopped taking power from the wall. Anyone know what's up with that?
harrier331 : You were talking complete nonsense about the speakers, of course the speakers in the Crosley are going to be poor quality but it has NOTHING to do with the size, the size is irrelevant. You can get amazing speakers that are tiny, the only difference comes in the very low frequencies that can be produced on very large speakers due to the mass of the driver and the volume possible but not the sound quality itself.
William Mv : Then WHAT SHOULD I BUY!?
Jonathan Avila : I bought a Crosley Cruiser record player it works great I don't know what's the problem with it it did it did it scratch at my record I take care of my records really well so I don't see nothing wrong with it

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Record Player Unboxing & First Sounds!

Just my thoughts, and I love it! SO there!!!

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Ash Hernandez : I know this video is a year old but i bought this cruiser deluxe by Crosley for my brother on his birthday last year. He didn’t tell me anything was wrong with it until a month ago when he said he could never get to work properly. The tonearm on the Crosley slides down the vinyl way to quickly and I’m not sure how to fix it or I what I’m suppose to do. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it so I can get home to listen to the vinyls I bought him. Thank youuu
GuardianX : Horrible turntable but if that's what you want, go for it.
Mr.KickFlip 2 : Mine won't even turn on
Kryptonian541 : Hey sweet pool table!
Talia Jean : that sad moment when you watch this to see how it came packaged so you can return it.




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