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삼성전자 프린터 ML-2450, ML-2580 시리즈 용지가 프린터 용지함에 걸린 경우

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How to refill and reset the Samsung ML 1910, ML 1915, ML 2580, SCX 4600, SCX 4623 toner cartridge

Manufacturer Part No.: MLT-D1052L, MLT-D1052L/ELS
Colour: High Capacity Black
Duty Cycle: Approx. 2,500 pages @ 5% average coverage
Product Type: Toner


Samsung ML 1910
Samsung ML 1915
Samsung ML 2525
Samsung ML 2525W
Samsung ML 2580N
Samsung SCX 4400
Samsung SCX 4623F
Samsung SCX 4623FN
Samsung SCX 4623FW
Samsung SCX 4623GN
Samsung SF 650
Samsung SF 651F

By installing our reset software on your printer it will reset the toner levels back to 100%.

Why would I want to do this?

You can use up any remaining toner in your toner cartridge(s).
You can refill your cartridges without ever having to buy or replace the chip.

Installing the reset is very simple -- it only has to be done once, and will last forever thus eliminating the need to replace the chips each time you refill.

There are no electronics parts to replace.
The fix is sent by email.
Full instructions are provided
You must install the reset fix on your printer via a computer that is running the windows operating system.
(The fix will work with the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Apple)

to find your printer:
Splitcherx Schwarzenegger : there's no software on the link, the link is for buying a catrige I don't want the catrige. So, could you please upload it on mega and giving the link in order to download it?. I would appreciate that, thank you so very much before hand.
Tlatoani Salazar : donde consigo el software de reset?
mahdi nikzad : does it really works have any one tested?

삼성전자 프린터 SL-M2620, SL-M2820, SL-M2830 시리즈 토너카트리지(일체형) 교체 방법입니다.

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